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Nidovac™ Plain Clot-activator tubes are specially designed with an internal wall of the tube coated with surfactant, tube wall also undergoes BIONIC TREATMENT resulting in glass like smoothness on inner wall surface.

This results in clearer separation of serum sample. The Bionic treatment for tube wall also ensures that the cells don’t stick to the wall of the tubes from inside resulting in reduction for RED-CELL HANG-UPS.

Mode of action:

Clot-activator helps increase the clotting process expediting the formation of Fibrinogen to Fibrin eventually leading to clotting of blood and serum can be extracted after complete clotting and centrifugation process.


3-4 times gentle inversion cycle

Common test :

  • Serum Biochemistry test (Lipid profile test, Liver function test, Kidney function test etc)
  • Hormone test (Thyroid function test, Free Thyroid profile, Beta-HCG, Sr.Insulin, FSH, LH, Prolactin, Vit D, Vit B12 etc)
  • Serology test ( HIV, HBsAg , HCV, VDRL etc)
Code Volume Size Additive Packing
NVSCA040 4.0 ml 13 x 75 mm Clot-Activator 100 x 12
NVSCA050 5.0 ml 13 x 100 mm Clot-Activator 100 x 12
NVSCA060 6.0 ml 13 x 100 mm Clot-Activator 100 x 12
NVSCA100 10.0 ml 16 x 100 mm Clot-Activator 100 x 10
NVCAM05 0.5 ml Micro Tube Clot-Activator 100 x 10


All modern day Plain (serum) Tubes need proper mixing as they are made from PET with clot activator coating inside. Improper mixing will lead to Red-cell hang-ups and latent fibrin-clots.