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Nidovac™ Na-Fluoride Tubes are available globally acceptable combination for NaF+EDTA, as this combination is preferred due better stability and lesser chances of Plasma Haemolysis as compared to the Oxalate version.

Ultrasonic Spray coating this ensure a uniform dispersion for anti-coagulant on sidewalls of the tube, allowing proper mixing for specimen and anti-coagulant to give better Plasma separation and higher stability of specimen.

Mode of action:

The anti-glycolytic properties of NaF prevents the blood cells from using the glucose in the sample by controlling cell Glycolysis pathways with inhibition of Enolase.

EDTA is anticoagulants which will prevent the blood from clotting and sodium fluoride is a Glucose Stabilizer.  The resulting supernatant fluid is PLASMA.

Mixing: 4-5 times gentle inversion cycle.

Common test:

Glucose Levels, Bicarbonate Test, Plasma Alcohol Levels, Blood Lactate test etc

Code Volume Size Additive Packing
NVNE020 2.0 ml 13 x 75 mm Naf + EDTA 100 x 12
NVNE030 3.0 ml 13 x 75 mm Naf + EDTA 100 x 12
NVNE040 4.0 ml 13 x 75 mm Naf + EDTA 100 x 12