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Nidovac™ EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)   Mini Tubes are available in both di-potassium (K2) & tri-potassium (K3) salts. the concentration for EDTA is as per the CLSI standard ( 1.8 mg/ml)

Nidovac™ EDTA tubes anticoagulant is uniformly coated by Ultrasonic spray coating techniques. Uniform spray dry coating helps in proper dispersion of EDTA throughout the tube hence ensure good anti-coagulant and blood cohesion upon mixing for specimen.

EDTA tube wall also undergoes BIONIC TREATMENT resulting in glass like smoothness on inner wall surface. All steps helps for better cell stability, lesser micro-clot formation and reduced platelet aggregation (Platelet clumping).

Nidovac™ EDTA tubes guarantees more accurate cell count readings both on differential Cell-counters or Microscopic slides.

Mode of action: EDTA as an anticoagulant as a chelating agent binds with the Calcium molecule making it unavailable for Coagulation process in sample for blood, hence stopping the Coagulation cascade. This gives a long lasting irreversible anti-coagulation effect to blood sample.

Mixing:6-8 times gentle inversion cycle

Common test:

  • Whole blood cell count test : CBC , Platelets , Haemoglobin , CD4 count etc
  • Diabetic HbA1c test
Code Volume Size Additive Packing
NV2KM05 0.5 ml Micro Tube K2 -EDTA 100 x 10


For making of Microscopic slide always use FRESH well mixed EDTA (with a maximum delay of up to 3 or 4 h) after sample collection. In event requiring EDTA tubes to be stores overnight please keep the sample at 4°c.